Introducing Danmar Foods Single Serve Coffee Capsules

Delivering a perfect coffee in every cup, all you need to do is brew and serve. Now everyone can be a coffee aficionado, anywhere, anytime.

About Kups:

Our specialty, patent-pending, Kups are designed to satisfy the needs of everyday coffee drinkers by providing them an easy and convenient beverage that tastes great.

Kups takes coffee drinking to new levels. You can always expect the freshest and highest quality single-origin, 100% Colombian Coffee.

All of our products are sourced and selected based on Fair Trade Market and Green Practices.

  • Keurig® compatible coffee capsules.

  • Breakfast Blend

    Jumpstart your morning with a delicious light roast coffee.

  • 100% Colombian

    A medium roast Colombian coffee sure to be a treat at any time of day.

  • House Blend

    A dark extra bold coffee that delivers a surge of delicious flavor in every cup.

  • Keurig® compatible Specialty Coffee Capsules.

  • Coffee & Cream

    A perfect blend of coffee and cream. Made from 100% Arabica coffee.

  • Double Double

    Coming Soon...


This blend of fine, individually roasted Colombian Arabicas, develops a subtle acidity with typical red fruit and winey notes.


Dark roasted South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta bring out the subtle cocoa and roasted cereal notes of this full-bodied decaffeinated espresso.


A balanced coffee made from a complex blend of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas, combining roasted and subtle floral notes.


A blend of South American and East African Arabicas, with a touch of Robusta, roasted separately to create the subtle fruity note of this full-bodied, intense espresso.